Self-Care Sunday

Sunday has quite the reputation. It’s a time of nervousness about the upcoming week, while at the same time giving you a feeling of hopefulness that the upcoming days will be productive.

My weekend routine consists of going over what we have in the cabinets and then shopping on for a Sunday grocery delivery, planning our meals for the week and trying to sort out what I plan to do this week. We sort out activities, pick up and drop off of our kiddo, after school activities, any plans we have and what our bills will be for the upcoming week. It sounds far more organized than it is: it takes us about a half hour to do all of this on Saturday mornings.

Once you get used to doing a routine, it becomes quicker and quicker. Cleaning takes about 30 minutes (45 if we are doing the floors) for our 2 bedroom apartment. As long as you keep yourself remotely sorted during the week your weekend cleaning routine will not take nearly as long. We throw on some tunes during naptime and go to town. I try to do this on Saturday so that on Sunday I can focus on self-care and getting ready for the rest of the week.

On Sunday we get our groceries delivered in the morning, I prep some lunches and cut up whatever I can for dinners that week, and I truly try to make a positive headspace for the rest of the week.

Weeks where this happens are far better than weeks where I just cannot make it happen. Kiddo is having a bad day, I’m exhausted, someone is sick - things happen and I refuse to beat myself up about it. We can just make due as we go along and try again next week.

I’ve included some of my Sunday self-care tips in the graphic below. I hope they help you feel like you can try at least one of them on Sunday. Let me know how it goes! I love hearing from people.

Self-Care Sunday.png