We hear this word absolutely everywhere. We need to be more focused. More peaceful. Do more. Be busier. Have more side hustles. Make more money. Practice more meditation. Eat more healthy foods. No matter what we do, it never seems like enough.

And I am here to say: what you’re doing right here, in this moment, is enough.

I live in New York City, where everyone is expected to have a full time job, social life and at least one side hustle and maybe a podcast that they collaborate on. They’re expected to do more and get less: you are flabbergasted when your friend who lives in Manhattan, works a stressful fulltime job and does a side business as well as like six other things lives in a 3 bedroom apartment share with two people they never see. Or your other friend who is an entrepreneur, doing their full time gig that they hate while pursuing things they love: livestreaming video games, making music or teaching classes. It never seems like enough and they are always busy.

At the end of the day, we all head to sleep despite how busy we are. We all eat food. We all shower regularly. We all take a few moments of peace to collect ourselves before we enter another stressful situation. No matter how much you enjoy your job or your side gig or your audience, you are still going to need to get your mind focused or you’re going to be a mess.

But how can we focus on the now if we are always focused on the next thing? When does our mind get a break to think about what we are feeling in this exact moment? When we focus on More, we don’t focus on what is important: this moment in time. It will never happen again. You may have a similar experience, but this moment will never be repeated. These thoughts and feelings may come and go, but you won’t live them the exact same.

I ask one thing of you today: take a break, sit back for a moment to evaluate what you’re feeling this very second. Close your eyes and feel the room. Are there some noises in the background that are distracting you? Accept them, focus back on your breath. Are you smelling last weeks gym clothes that you forgot until this very moment because you’ve been doing More? Accept that, resign yourself to drop off your laundry, then go back to breathing. This will take time to do. But for just three, five, ten, fifteen minutes take a break from your day.

Repeat the mantra: You are enough. You are worthy. Who you are in this exact moment is perfect. What you are doing right now is enough.

When you are finished with your meditation, look at your needs. Are you doing More because you feel that you are not fulfilled in some areas of your life? Do you need to constantly keep busy because you are afraid to feel lonely? Or inadequate? Take some time to think on these things. It is okay to do more because it brings you pleasure or peace. Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and take some time to feel this moment.

You are enough. You are worthy. Who you are in this exact moment is perfect. What you are doing right now is enough.

We are always pushing yourselves to do more, be more, have more. But where does that leave us in the now?